Saturday, February 27, 2010

25 (very) random things. About the me.

1. I am not half as nice as people think I am. I can be mean. In my head.
2. When I was young I wanted to be a Boutrous Boutrous Ghali. Only cos I loved the name so much. I still hold part of that dream.
3. I add Tabasco to everything. I mean everything.
4. I also dream of singing full time someday. Sandi Thom style.
5. I am very very scared of the dark, and till date look for excuses not to go to the second floor of my own house after 8 in the evening all by myself.
I’ve lived in that house 20 years flat.
6. I also hate scenes from movies or TV shows that involve blood and / or violence. They give me nightmares. For real. I stopped watching House for the same reason.
7. I want to shave my head one day.
8. I have so little time to myself, that I look forward to walking from one place to another. It’s the only break I take besides showering and sleeping.
9. I love traveling, but not ‘sightseeing’. Vacations are not supposed to be about jumping from one tourist spot to another.
10. I like rooms with wooden floors. I like my floor.
11. Until I was about 15, I assumed every movie and song that was in English, came from America. I wasn’t very smart.
12. My favourite hobby as a kid was to collect stickers and paste them on my parents’ cupboard door. I had collected about 121. Unfortunately my parents decided to re-paint the cupboard while I was at school one day, and I lost my entire collection to a layer of paint. I had to start all over again on my grandmother’s cupboard door then.
13. I can’t cook. Anything. Unless toast, instant noodles or coffee counts.
14. I am very proud of the frothy coffee I make.
15. I have an inherent fear of dogs, and I think they know. They always come to me first, even in a room full of dog loving people.
16. My worst fear is tripping over a long flight of stairs and dying. Or worse, ending up disfigured.
17. I love wearing flip-flops. So much that I wear them in winter too. With socks.
18. I don’t enjoy reading as much as I’m supposed to. I think.
19. Grad school has been my best and worst life experience at the same time.
20. It has taught me how to read 2 books in one day. Skimming is an art. I think I’m getting better at it.
21. When I think of my elementary school teachers, I always remember them being at least a foot taller than me. I was surprised when I bumped into one of them the other day and she turned out to be about the same height.
22. I forget that I’m short sometimes. I remember only when I’m walking with taller people and they’re taking the same number of steps, but getting further ahead than I am. I feel very short then.
23. I dream of tracing my roots when I’m older.
24. My post-retirement plans are clearer than my post-grad school plans. That might just be because the further you are from something, or the more distance you get, the clearer it looks.
25. I love staccato. In songs, sentences, as well as in my thoughts.