Friday, August 28, 2009

Shites! I did it!

After spending a painful one week picking a template and an appropriate blogname, profile name and description (phew!), I finally have the courage to begin writing me own blog. To give credit where its due, I am inspired by two good friends, S and P, whose blogs I secretly follow. Their love for writing and their ability to scribble freely has inspired me to carve my own little e-space, where I hope to pen things freely! Incoherent and coherent - the twain shall meet here.

As for a theme for this blog, there is none. And you dont need one either. Primarily because you're not looking for a theme when you read this. You're reading this, either because I forcibly made you read it, or because you love me and want to know me better. So well, if there is a theme, its me! As for who me is, you will know soon.

But if you need a quick preview on me, I will leave you with a depiction another dear friend, S, frequently (and very appropriately) resorts to:

P.S.: In case you're wondering what the shites in the title means and you're totally not with it, shites is the new 'oh shit' in delhi, correctly pronounced shait-ez. Like oh my god. You're so like.. dude.. like uncool. Like shites.

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