Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sitting in the middle of a LOT of people and listening to an ipod and blocking out sounds = super fun activity. Its like watching Charlie Chaplin in colour without Charlie Chaplin. Animated faces and lots of hand movements. It shuts me out. But when I look at them it keeps me guessing.

Note to self: Do it again. Once a day.


  1. Dear Samajik Vigyaani,
    Next time, make music videos in sync with the track playing in your ipod. It's superfun :)
    Much it is I am liking this glimpse into your brain.
    And you write so well, too.
    Thanks for allowing me in.

  2. That be a rather cool idea sister. I must try!

    And thank you for stopping by. It is rather encouraging. Making me feel like writer sister. Not half as good as you!